Track taken from duplodeck debut EP, issued in 2011. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

For fans of Stereolab, Broadcast, Deerhoof, Pizzicato Five, Strawberry Whiplash and Comet Gain. said "The soaring female lead vocal combined with vibes, vintage keyboards, that lounge-y relaxed tempo and groove captures the essence of seemingly hundreds of Stereolab songs in a little more than 4 minutes”.

Track taken from Filipe Alvim debut EP “Zero”. Out on 18th September 2013. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Born far away from the Brazilian coast, Filipe Alvim is a 22-year-old unemployed who doesn’t know how to do anything, except creating sunshiny pop gems about teenage doubts. This track is taken from his upcoming EP 'Zero', to be released on September 18th. FREE DOWNLOAD!

In Ciro Madd's first music video, a stoned shoegaze tune inspires a late night walk in the garden. Experiment was shot in one single take while Ciro smoked a cigarette. FREE DOWNLOAD!

A noisy version for Smelly Cat by Phoebe from Friends. This song is an outtake from ‘Beijos Cafeinados EP’, recorded in 2005 and reissued on cassette in 2010. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Apple Club is an indie pop band formed by two anonymous guys from Indonesia. We hope they record other songs as sweet as this first one. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE.